Going Back to Basics

Water supplementation has been available for many years and there are hundreds of producers successfully using the system. It remains the most cost effective method of delivering nutrition supplements to livestock. Experience has helped us refine formulations and improve the safety of the formulations.

Producers have always been responsible for mixing the concentrate and by installing a concentrate mixer producers can save on the cost of blending and bagging the separate ingredients, a job that is currently carried out by marketing companies. But this might be too much trouble and it is not necessary.

By going back to basics we have developed a new BAG MIX SYSTEM for formulations that are simple to use and are designed to add the ingredients to the mixer in the correct bag proportions, (no weighing or bag splitting required), fill with water to the correct level and mix with a dedicated paddle mixer or high volume pump. All of our formulations have been designed to provide you with the correct ingredients and allow you to simply add the number of bags of each ingredient required to make the formulation. Bag Mixes are also flexible and allow us to change the formula to suit your exact circumstances. It is also about saving you money!

By using water supplementation each animal will receive the correct dose of supplement at the best possible price.

We also service existing dosing units and supply a range of new dosing hardware including the Dosatron.

Dosatron with remote control

February 10, 2024

Dosatron, an effective tool in water supplementation

As distributors of the Dosatron, we can bring to you a cost effective tool for water supplementation that will suit small, medium and large herds. The Dosatron is simple in its operation and works on the energy provided by the flowing water to operate. It needs only 1.6 meters of head to give enough...
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