Dosatron with remote control

February 10, 2024

Dosatron, an effective tool in water supplementation

As distributors of the Dosatron, we can bring to you a cost effective tool for water supplementation that will suit small, medium and large herds. The Dosatron is simple in its operation and works on the energy provided by the flowing water to operate. It needs only 1.6 mete...
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Nutridose Upgrade

Your Nutridose may have given you great service for many years and some people might encourage you to trade it in on a new model (provided you sign a supply contract). Think carefully!We can check out your Nutridose at no cost to you.As a special offer, just send your Nutrid...
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On Farm Connectivity Program

November 7, 2023

The On Farm Connectivity Program has begun

What is the On Farm Connectivity program? The Australian Government’s OnFarm Connectivity Program (OFCP) is a $30 million initiative over two years to support primary producers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries adopt connected machinery and sensor technology.Go to the...
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The Dosatron is a reliable and economic method of adding water soluble supplements to the drinking water of Livestock.It works on the flow of water through the system to drive the motor and add the correct dose of concentrate to the drinking water.It is simple to plumb into ...
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Upgrade a Norprim

May 9, 2023

Norprim on it's last legs?

If you need to upgrade your Norprim, it is possible to do so for as little as $2700.No one will repair a Norprim controller and there are many that still give valuable service. If your Norprim controller has failed, it can be replaced with our In Solution basic controller wh...
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Bag Mix Formula

May 6, 2023

Save on bag mixing

We have developed formula for water supplementation using on site bag mixing. The process is simple and avoids the costs associated with factory premixing of formula. The formula are based on mixing lots of 1000 litres and use whole bag ratios for simplicity. For example a s...
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A safe source of urea

July 31, 2022

Urea Phosphate. A safe source of urea

In Solution U-Phos A slow release urea and soluble phosphorus This compound has unique properties that make it highly desirable in the formulation of soluble supplements and licks. Urea Phosphate is a stable combination of urea and phosphorus, containing 18 % Nitrogen and 44...
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Reduce methane and increase productivity at the same time with Agolin

The recent update by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reminds us that climate change continues to be a significant challenge for society. A great many people want to do something constructive, however, want to do it in a way that also brings better profit...
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Urea losses to ammonia

If you are using alkaline bore water, chances are that you are losing urea to ammonia. Losses can be as high as 50%. This can occur in alkaline water where urea is less stable and breaks down to ammonia or if the enzyme, urease, is present in the trough from bacterial activi...
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Buy in pallet lots where possible

Why? Because it will save you even more money. For us to split a pallet costs money. How much? Well firstly we need to provide another pallet, $16. Then we need to pay labor to do the split and packing, about $30. We also need to allow for split inventory and holding costs, ...
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