Dosatron with remote control

Dosatron, an effective tool in water supplementation

As distributors of the Dosatron, we can bring to you a cost effective tool for water supplementation that will suit small, medium and large herds.

The Dosatron is simple in its operation and works on the energy provided by the flowing water to operate. It needs only 1.6 meters of head to give enough pressure to run the unit continuously. The operation can be seen in the photo below.

The Dosatron can be used as a mobile unit and is able to deliver 9000 l of water per hour, so will suit most situations. It is priced well at $2650 plus GST.

This provides small herd operators with an ideal, cost effective method of installing water supplementation.

Remote Monitoring is now available for the Dosatron

Remote monitoring and control is now available for the Dosatron via 4G, Satellite or WiFi.

By installing an electronic water meter, tank pressure sensors, control valves, conductivity sensors and a controller unit the Dosatron operation can now be monitored and controlled remotely.

The data collected will give drinking rate per head per day, supplement tank level, main water tank level, dosing ratio, supplement used per day in grams, amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur per head per day, water conductivity, alarm state if the ratio or conductivity exceeds set values and on-off dosing as required by valve activation.

The remote operation is also flexible and users can choose what parameters they wish to monitor.

Other sensors that monitor water quality parameters, such as pH, Ammonia levels, Redox potential and turbidity are also available to be added to the system.


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