Why Choose Us

Because we are committed to help bring you the cost savings that water supplementation was designed to do.
We focus on your needs and bring you practical solutions at the lowest possible costs.
Our solutions are innovative, flexible and designed to suit your specific needs.


Our old company, Pastoral & Feedlot Systems Australasia Pty Ltd, has been known for over 20 years. Our new company, Water Supplements In Solution Pty Ltd reflects a fresh and reinvigorated approach to water medication systems and introduces a new team, dedicated to the continued development of the system.


We started in the 1980's with a vision to increase productivity for producers by developing safe systems to administer supplements through the drinking water in a cost effective manner. This resulted in products such as the Nutridose, a proportional dosing system with many built in safety features. Now we are approaching water supplementation with a fresh outlook, bringing additional fit for purpose hardware to the market, new approaches to data collection and management and fresh approaches to formulations and the handling of materials that will result in additional savings to the end user.

We hope you will join us on our journey of discovery.

Meet the team

Dr Tony Wood

Tony has spent the last 30 years developing water supplementation formula and hardware, bringing a safe and cost effective method of supplementing livestock through all seasons.

Frank Thomson

Frank is an electronics enginieer who specialises in developing complex electronic controller systems and data transfer systems. He is able to find practical and cost effective solutions to data management and bring fit for purpose hardware to the market.


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