Dosatron is an economical way to dose supplements


The Dosatron is a reliable and economic method of adding water soluble supplements to the drinking water of Livestock.

It works on the flow of water through the system to drive the motor and add the correct dose of concentrate to the drinking water.

It is simple to plumb into any existing system and will give years of reliable service.

The Dosatron comes in sizes to suit a single trough, up to large systems and is priced much lower than any pump injection system. A 9000 litres per hour system costs less than $2500 plus GST.

Also we have developed a full 4G or WiFi control and monitor system for the Dosatron. This consists of an electronic water meter, pressure sensors to measure Concentrate tank and Header tank volumes, conductivity monitor, water quality monitors (if required) and solenoid cut off valve to isolate the dosing if indicated.

This makes the Dosatron equal to the most expensive dosing systems at a much lower cost.

With the On Farm Connectivity Program, eligible producers can receive a 50% rebate of the cost of installing the On Farm Connectivity package.

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