Bag Mix Formula

Save on bag mixing

We have developed formula for water supplementation using on site bag mixing. The process is simple and avoids the costs associated with factory premixing of formula. The formula are based on mixing lots of 1000 litres and use whole bag ratios for simplicity.

For example a suitable formula uses 2 bags of Urea, 1 bag of Urea Phosphate and 1 bag of Tech grade Ammonium Sulphate per 1000 l water. This gives a solution similar to UPRO Orange at a much lower cost.

Simple variations to the ratio are used to provide additional Phosphorus. For example a mix of 2 bags of Urea, 2 bags of Urea Phosphate and 1 bag of Ammonium Sulphate per 1000 l of water gives a higher P formula suitable for wet seasons.

Contact us to design formulas that will suit your country and water conditions


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