Upgrade a Norprim

Norprim on it's last legs?

If you need to upgrade your Norprim, it is possible to do so for as little as $2700.

No one will repair a Norprim controller and there are many that still give valuable service. If your Norprim controller has failed, it can be replaced with our In Solution basic controller which will connect to your existing solar panel, pump and solenoid. You will have to upgrade the water meter to a 10 l pulse. This may be possible with your existing meter, however, if not, you will need a water meter with a 10 litre pulse.

Your In Solution controller will deliver a timed pulse to the pump that can be user set up to five seconds. For example a 100 psi Shurfolw pump will deliver 100 ml in 1 second. Over five seconds, the unit will shut down, preventing the pump running too long. It is however, possible to run the pump up to 15 seconds in primer mode.

Running the pump for 1 second each 10 l pulse will give a dilution of 1:100. You can vary the time and pulses to suit your needs.

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