Buy ingredients at the lowest price

Join with us to buy ingredients at the lowest possible price directly from the manufacturer.

The process of buying directly from the manufacturer ensures the best possible price, however, requires payment upfront, bulk volumes, shipping and customs clearance and delayed delivery times. If you can forward plan your requirements you can enjoy lowest prices by joining us as partners in the purchase of ingredients directly from the manufacturer.

One example of such an opportunity exists with the purchase of urea phosphate. The minimum bulk purchase volume is 25 tonne. The current cost is $1490.00 USD per tonne landed in Brisbane, Townsville or Darwin. Additional costs will be plus GST, Customs and quarrantine clearance, container transport from port to depot, destuffing the container and packing on 1 tonne pallets and the freight to destination.

Customs clearance and destuffing the container is estimated to cost $3500 per container of 25 tonne.

This gives a cleared cost of AUD  $2150 per tonne plus GST. This is a potential saving of $1350 per tonne on current prices.

How it works

If you wish to partner with us in importing urea phosphate directly from the manufacturer you need to decide the number of tonne required. You would then enter into a contract with us to import from the manufacturer at the agreed price.

Payment for the goods is due on the signing of the contract or when agreed.

There is a minimum of 12 weeks delay before delivery and arrival at an Australian port, so forward planning is vital.


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