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A mix of urea, Urea phosphate and technical grade ammonium sulphate at the rate of 5:3:2

Analysis: 32.6% Nitrogen, 5.76% Phosphorus, 4.8% Sulphur.

This product contains free urea and is potentially toxic to feed ruminants. Feed with caution.

Available on 40 bag pallets (1 tonne) at a cost of $1790  (plus GST) per pallet or $44.75 per bag.

Mixing Instructions

Add 5 bags of Urea, 3 bags of Urea Phosphate and 2 Bag of Sulphate of Ammonia to a tank and bring up to 1000 litres with water. Mix well with a fire fighter or mechanical mixer until dissolved. Set the dilution on the dosing unit to 1:150 to achieve the results below or vary the dilution to achieve your desired result.

Not this mixture contains free Urea and is potentially toxic to ruminants. Feed with caution..

Cattle drinking 40 litres per day will receive 21.7 grams Nitrogen (equivalent to 47.2 grams urea), 3.84 grams Phosphorus and 3.2 grams Sulphur at a cost of 12 cents per head per day.

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