Urea Phosphate


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Urea Phosphate is a completely safe source of nitrogen and phosphorus for ruminants. It does not contain free urea and is not broken down by the enzyme urease and will not cause ammonia toxicity. It is the preferred source of N and P in most seasons and areas as it is highly soluble, 100% available to the animal and is the most cost effective source of N and P available at present.

Urea Phosphate is combined with technical grade Sulphate of Ammonia to provide an additional source of Nitrogen and sulphur. It may also be combined with magnesium sulphate to provide additional magnesium when this is required.

The analysis for Urea Phosphate is 18% Nitrogen and 19.2 % Phosphorus.

Cost is $2900 per tonne plus GST or $3190 per tonne including GST.

Shipping is available from Brisbane.

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